Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Everett Hume Pierson

This little mister was a completely wonderful surprise.  I was finally getting back into the shape that I felt like I haven't really felt like since before I had kids and was really enjoying the three kiddos we had.  I miscarry every other pregnancy and didn't this time.  I don't think I could of handled another one.  I told Garrett if I miscarried this time around I didn't want anymore kids and just wanted to be done.  He agreed.  Anyways I thought maybe we were done, we weren't trying in the least but I was content, and I just had gotten rid of all of our baby boy clothes that were 0-6 months maybe some that were up to 12 months.  Then two months later I got pregnant surprise and crap all at the same time!!!  (never get rid of baby stuff its like this ironic joke, you get rid of crap and then you get pregnant)  This pregnancy I had the worst morning sickness ever, my kids had no summer just their mom telling them they could watch another movie or play on the kindle.  I felt so bad.  It was so hot outside that if I went out I would end up in bed the rest of the day because it just made me sick!  I finally felt normal after the first trimester.  Everything was going great and then I went into pre-term labor at 34 weeks.  The contractions never really stopped completely until after I had him at 37 weeks. But Garrett ended up taking off like 3 mondays because we thought he really was coming.  Everett just couldn't decide if he really wanted out or not I guess.  He was born at 37 weeks.  Which is 2 weeks longer than we thought I would make it so that was really good.

On the morning of January 6th I got up with Garrett at 4 to make his lunch and get him out the door.  I was having some good contractions but that's what I had before and they just sent me home! :(  He said I really have this feeling I should stay home.  I felt horrible because he has had to take off so much work (he has an 1.5 hour commute so its not an easy task to just call him to come home. he car pools and other people have to leave work to take him back into town.  Not to mention he doesn't always have service up where he works.)  So he said if he's staying home we are having this baby, I couldn't agree more.  We got breck ready for school and then and walked for an hour or so I was still have good contractions I could still walk but they hurt pretty good. I called my dr and asked if I could come and get checked because I didn't want to go and sit in labor and delivery all day just to be sent home again.  I went in and I was at a true 4.  He said to go home and keep busy and maybe do a little bouncing on the trampoline.  So we walked some more and i went home and we cleaned up and by 3 or so I was ready to go in.  We picked B up from school and took the kids over to our Relief Society Presidents house. I cannot thank that woman enough for how much she has done for us!!!  A saint that woman.  She is seriously a huge blessing to our family!!!  Love her!!!  We got to the hospital and all checked in.  I was at a 5 to a 5.5.  They got my IV in which they had to do twice.  The dr came in at 5:30 or so and broke my water and left.  I was still at a 5.5. I got my epidural at 6:15 and I was at a 6.  They had shift change at 7 and the other nurse checked me at 7:15 and I was at a 10!  I Couldn't believe it usually when I get an epidural my contractions and everything stop and I have to wait for hours with lots of pitocin.  Not this time.  I had to wait until my dr got there at 8 to deliver.  He was getting dressed and they laid my bed back and the pressure of my stomach was like a shirt that was like 100 times too small, and I was immediately sick.  Garrett was standing next to me and I told him I was going to throw up, he handed me a barf bag.  I threw up and my dr kept saying stop coughing, stop coughing....(how do you stop throwing up let me know if anyone actually knows the answer to this question.) He was still trying to get gloves and stuff on and out came Everett.  I didn't even have to push.  Easiest delivery ever!!!  He was three weeks early and weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20.5 inches long!  I think he looks like addi its all in the delicious cheeks.  The kids love him.  Kooper held him for the first time and wouldn't let go, garrett and I both had to use full force from both of us to pry Everett away from him.  He has undone the buckles twice in the swing and got him out, and this morning I ran into my room to grab my shoes and came out to him holding him ready to put him in his carseat (we were going grocery shopping and apparently he was helping us get ready) I try not to freak out because I don't want him to drop him because he is in trouble! ahhh!  So literally the baby can never be left unattended.  Thank goodness for older kids to help out!

 36 weeks ish!
 excuse the finger my sister was making fun of me.  This is how we show love sometimes in our family. This is just a few hours before I delivered!
 Another selfie I sent to my sisters saying it was happening for real this time!!! wahoo!!
 Daddy getting to hold him for the first time
 Me getting to hold him for the first time.  There is something so sacred and so special being able to hold your baby for the first time!  Everything awful and hard about pregnancy seems to instantly go away and you forget about it!
 Everett Hume Pierson joined the ranks on January 6, 2014 at 8:08pm weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches long!  I think he looks like his sister!  He is completely delicious to the core!

 The kids meeting Everett for the first time!  This is another one of my favorite things about having a baby.  The sweetness they have with him and the endless wanting to hold him and fighting over him.

 I love this.  She wanted a sister in the worst possible way.  Even after meeting him she said she wanted a girl baby.  Then after she held him I havent heard anything else since.
 This is classic koop.  He loves his brother with his whole soul.  haha  This is his first time holding him and he literally would not give him up.  Garrett tried to get everett and he had to call me in for backup.  Koop started squeezing really hard and wouldn't let go....
 This is after Dad took his baby!  His life looks like its over!!  It was hilarious!
 Proudest big brother ever!!

 He is such a good big brother to all of his sibs!!! He really acts mature for his age and for that I think Garrett and I expect a little too much for him for being only six, but he is such a good kid.
 Little mommy!  She is such an amazing helper with all things at home since the baby has arrived.

 Proudest sister ever!
 Holy cheeks batman!!!

 So much love to give!!
 The cuteness its too much!!

 Our family of six!!  I am NOT one of those girls who does their makeup and crap right after I have a baby.  So I just look tired! haha

 Two weeks postpartum!  I love being able to actually bend over and sleep on my stomach! wahoo!

He is so little!!  We love our little rett rett!  I love the newborn stage.  Life isn't as crazy yet as I thought it would be with four kids, maybe that's because I have really awesome kids!!!  We are so blessed!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick review since March!!!

So its been a while.... Its good to be back.. Here is a quick over view because lets be honest a lot has happened since march!

Brecken finished kindergarten and started first grade in Fresno.  Addi started and stopped preschool, sad day for everyone.  She loved it but that's what happens when you move.

We had a super lazy summer but really enjoyed the water park with all of friends for one last summer.  It was a blast and the kids loved it and never got sick of it.

Our big thing was moving to ELKO!!!!  We absolutely love it here.  We miss all of our friends in Fresno but this place is a much better fit for our little family.  We live literally minutes from camping and just a few hours away from family, which we have truly missed while we were in California.  We had some friends come visit and they couldn't believe how much we love being away from everything.

Fresno was a little rough for us and not our thing.  We didn't live in a great part of town and our cars kept getting broke into, and we caught a guy trying to break into our house this summer...oh the joys...Garrett worked long hours and wasn't really enjoying his position in fresno compared to what he is doing here in Elko.  The commute is rough here but garrett is sooooo much happier here so we'll take it.

We bought our first home here in Elko and learning that having a house definitely has its benefits....starting with a yard!  Can you say life changing???  I can kick the kids outside when they are driving me nuts and koop throws a big ole fit when he has to come in....  He likes his dirt and is happy for hours in it.  One of the first things i'm putting in this summer is a sandbox just for that little monkey!  The other thing we are finding out is that having a house especially a house that isn't new is that house projects and upkeep can be quite pricey! It is nice seeing a difference and know that we are just adding equity to the house so it will all come back around.

We had a little surprise happen in may when we were completely surprised to find out that the fourth installment of our baby midgets was on the way.  I miscarry every other pregnancy and I thought that this would happen but it didn't and although we were completely surprised we feel so blessed to have our little guy join us on Jan 6, 2014... More of him to come later!!! Here is the end of the ramble and we will get some real posts going on here.  Here are some pictures from 2013.  Enjoy!!!!

 Kindergarten award assembly
 Ms. Oliver Kindergarten teacher
 Breck and miss Riley

 Getting ready for his 6th birthday party!!
 No ac in California = holding hair thing in!

 I gave this card to Garrett for father's day....This was shortly after we found out midget #4 was on the way!
 First hair cut!
 Getting shot by his older brother with a nerf gun!

 Clifford came to our library in Fresno!  Another cool thing living in a big city!

 After the morning/all day sickness was starting to subside we would venture out of the house for just a bit to enjoy the sunshine and the heat!
 Lost her first tooth July 2013.  Pulled out by dr jones her peditrician.
 Just another mess kooper made...............sigh

 Addi turned 4!  Getting so big!!

 First day of school means alone time with this cutie!  Love his mr cuteness!!
 Koop's jungle gym.

 We went to the aquarium before we moved with some friends it was awesome!!!
 I think this is around 16 weeks pregnant i don't really remember!

 Meet our pooch lux!  She is huge now!
 Starting one of many house projects!!  This is where we put our wood stove.

 Meet little boy heaven of being in the dirt!
 and under dads truck!

 second lost tooth...oct 2013
 First real suit! oct 2013
 Zach and Kyleigh's wedding!!

 Another house project!!  The driveway.....We are convinced we actually made the driveway worse which is hard to believe and wasted alot of money!!!:( oh well you learn as you go.

 Finally made it out of the driveway it only took like five tries, and waiting three hours.  First day breck missed the bus and i couldn't get the van out! ha

 33 weeks

 first pedicure

 37 weeks
 36 weeks