Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sorry the pics are sideways they didn't get changed around and tonight i'm too lazy to try and figure it out. But here are a few of the baby midget. Seriously check out the cheeks. Garrett even bites them. (This is huge, because gar always use to yell at me for biting breck, and now he does it.) Which is totally funny!!! Addi is growing so fast. Two weeks ago she was still in her premie clothes last week she grew out of those and this week she is too big for new born stuff. According to her cheeks you can see why. She is a really good baby and breck is still so good with her. If she is crying he says, "is ok addi" and gives her, her binky. He is so sweet with her, it's so precious!!!


Pierson family said...

How the heck did she wear preemie clothes?! She weighed 8lbs when she was born. Cosette pretty much wore newborn clothes for like 2 weeks and went to 0-3 for about a month then was in 3-6, and is now wearing 6-9 month clothing!

What a cute little girl though!

Erica said...

Addi looks so much like you can definitely tell she is yo baby!
It looks like she is doing much better with the whole jaundice thing. Aren't babies just the sweetest?