Friday, January 29, 2010

Bitten Breckster

Breck is in a toddler lab up on campus which he loves and i also heart it as well because then i get to go to the gym. So today i went to pick breck up and i was the last one to get there. The teacher that is over all the kids walked up to me and said we had a little situation today. I was like crap!! So i said what did breck do. She was like oh he didn't do anything. Apparently a kid wanted a ball "go figure" that breck had and he wasn't given it up for nothing. The kid resulted in biting. He broke skin!!! HOLY SH**!!! I couldn't believe it. Then another one of the girls told breck stole the toy!! So maybe the little guy had it comin!! I'll never know!! Da da dun!!! The teacher kept apologizing and i just kids are kids and crap happens. He'll be fine and for now breck just says his back is broke. Which i find quite hilarious!! Love that kid!!!


Luke and Marissa said...

I'd hate to see what the kid that messed with Breck looks like! What a cool story to be able to tell wwhen he's older.

nataley said...

Oh my goodness! Poor guy! It looks like an animal got him!

Pierson family said...

That is insane! Poor guy! One time Elizabeth bit another little girl on the cheek in nursery! It was so bad! Now I know what the parent thinks on the other end of the stick... Lol