Saturday, January 30, 2010


This hunk of burnin love is graduating in JULY folks!!! He applied for graduation on friday and well let's just say the end is in sight. It is still so surreal for us. It has been a long haul for us and let me tell you we'll be happy when he's bringin in the big bucks and when i mean big bucks we mean more than $7.25 an hour!!;) I'm a little bit sad this part of our life is almost over. We have had so many struggles to get through school that have made us so much stronger as a couple and family. We have had two children while we've been in school and that alone is a feat in it's self. There are many emotions about possibly leaving this place. Sad because this is where we met fell in love, made so many friends, spent most of our married life thus far and brought lil addi into this world. We are happy to be moving on but good ole rexburg I'll miss the awesome summer weather that you bring each year and even though i hate the blasted cold i'm sure i'll miss it as well!!! We pray that garrett finds a job even before graduation so we can start a new and exciting chapter in our lives. Always an adventure in this house!!! Where will we go?? Everyone always seems to ask this question?? We will go anywhere i think that's something that is good about us although it may be scary it's an adventure and we'll go where the job is!!! Good job babe for always stickin to it. Your almost done and then hopefully somebody will pay for your masters because let's be honest we'll be payin off school loans for a while!!:)


Alan and Kiersten said...

YAY! love when the end is in sight! although i will be super sad to see you go if we're still here. :(

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I remember that feeling!!! Oh girl enjoy the next few months in that amazing, amazing place. Seriously, no matter how GOOD things are when you're making $ ect, if you're like me that place will ALWAYS be so special to you. Oh my I can't even tell you. I love the chapter of life we are in and our adventures now, but I'll always treasure the good old BURG!!! Congrats both of you and we miss you guys! Hopefully we'll see you soon!!! Poor C is so jealous of everything you let Gar to do the Sammie. Haha. You're a better wife than I!!!! No- I'll let him, as soon as we have no other debt. :) Prob by next winter. We'll see!!!!

Sorry that comment was all over the place. I think we need to chat!!!!