Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Year and New Years Resolutions

Well i have to say that 2009 was full of great happiness, accomplishment, trials, new beginnings, etc. This is really more of a journal entry than anything. Just something to look back on later!!! So if you make through this book congrats your a trooper!!!

BRECKEN turned to this year and let me tell you we are experiencing the terrible twos as we speak. He does really good at home but turns into a hellian in public, I partially blame this on rexburg and the freezing cold weather we have. The poor kid is cooped up all day so when he gets a little running room he doesn't want to sit in a cart he wants to run!! Does anyone else have this problem or just me??:) Things Brecken has done this year... Learned so many words and sentences i'm not even gonna list them.. He is potty trained Halelujah!!! He loves football and insists on wearing his football (focall) jersey almost everyday. He is learning his ABC's, he knows A,B,D,M,G,P. He knows these cuz they all start with people he loves, addi, breckie, mom, dad, gammie and papa. He is the sweetest little guy and is always up for a good cuddle. This kid has a strong personality and knows what he wants. He may not be able to tell you exactly what he wants but he'll show you, which he says show me. He is a great big brother to addi girl and is always willing to help!!! Love you B-dizzle

ADDI- oh my sweet baby. This girl has yet to sleep through the night and still gets up three times. I'm workin on this!!!:) This little girls favorite things to do are to growl, yes growl, talk not stop (just like her dad) roll over from her belly to her back. She likes to roll up onto her side but the little stinker doesn't like to be on her belly. So hopefully she won't crawl quite as quick as breck!!:) She smiles all all all the time!!! She knows her name and will give ya a smile when it's said!!! She has at least one blow out a day and smiles while she does it!!! She is a great baby and always brings a smile to my face no matter how the day has been!!

Garrett and Tashina- Halelujah the man graduates in JULY!!!!! Folks its true!!!! I never thought we would make it and let me tell there were times when we both wanted to throw in the towel. School has been hard for both of us. It doesn't come easy to either one of us and it has something we have both worked extremely hard for. There hasn't been anyone in our family were both spouses have been in school and had kids to take care of, except for my older sister for a little bit. So academically and financially it has been a hard few years but we're gonna make it. I graduated in July and it was a blessed day!!! I was almost eight months pregnant, tired and hot. But i did. I have my bachelor's and while it's not doing me any good some day i pray that it will!!:) Garrett just got a job with jimmy johns we seriously have been looking for months for a job for either of us. Living in a college town combined with the awful economy has pretty much been impossible to find a job. Alas we are so blessed and are so grateful for everything that we have. We go through trials to become better people and i believe 2009 was that for us and probably a good amount of 2010!! We'll make it though we always do!!!:)
New Years Resolutions: Garrett and I want to do a triathlon in August. We've been working out a lot and will focus our training in april specifically for a tri!! I'm excited and it has been something we get to do together. We have done some P90X, which is killer and i dig it!!! I want to drop 9 more pounds and garrett wants to do about 20!! If you know me you know i love treats and dessert!! Garrett has been the strong one and doesn't let me buy treats!! Good of him but sort of sucky for me!!:)
We also have been going to the temple more. It has been a nice pick me up. We started out trying to go once a month and we have been actually going once a week. It's nice to have that in my week.
Having little kids we don't get much out of sunday school so we are reading the old testament together some days are better than others but we are trying to do better this year.
I also want to read the relief society lesson. This is when the child decides to eat so i end up sitting in the mothers room or walking the halls!!:) Good excuse huh!!
Our last resolution is for garrett to get a "real" job!! We don't care where we go just as long as we're getting a pay check!!:)
BRING IT ON 2010!!!!!
Here's a few pics from 2009!!


Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

Tash you guys are amazing. Weew. I need to catch up to your awesomeness. We haven't been to the temple in so long it's disgusting. I have an apt with the stake pres on Sunday and we'll finally both have recs. Hopefully we can just DO IT and go as soon as we both have them. I can"t believe all of the changes you guys have gone through this year. You guys are troopers! Keep up the good works and remember trials make us stronger and if we handle them right, they'll take us right where we want to be.


Dallin said...

Is Garrett a speedy delivery boy?!


Natalie said...

Ryan and I are doing P90X too. We love it! Good luck on the resolutions. Maybe we'll see you at the triathlon in August!