Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have started my cooking blog. I have one whole recipe on it. If you have a recipe you want to add please email me because we all like new recipes and this is kind of the point of my blog. I'm tired of making the same thing every week. I want new ideas!!! I have talked to some of friends about this, how we want new ideas so i took the plung. This is a new hobby for me so hopefully it will be fun for all. Email your recipe to!!!! PS it doesn't have to be specifically for dinner it could be any kind of recipe for dessert, appetizers, salad, well you get the point!! This picture shows my excitement about my new hobby!!


Katy said...

love it... the title makes me HAPPY!!! i'll probably be sending you a couple o recipes soon (it might be a while, since I like having a photo along with the recipe)

i LOVE the pic of you at the top of this post... LOVEIT !

Super Mom said...

Fun! So what's the link?

Garrett said...