Friday, March 26, 2010

lil misses

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS SWEET BABY???? She is seriously one of the happiest babies on the planet. The only time she is upset is when she is oober tired, big loving brother hits her in the head with the wrapping paper roll (ps this happened today) and has poo in her diaper (but let's be honest who wouldn't). She makes me happy everyday, even when it's been one of those days. I love this lil girl, who else would sit so contently (most of the time) while mom works off those last few nasty baby weight pounds(i've been addicted to sweets since i got preggers with this sweet baby, so i blame her a little) at the gym, oh no one but lil addilicious!! She makes my heart happy, doesn't she make yours happy too. Just take a bite out of the cheeks. You know you want to.

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Alan and Kiersten said...

aw i LOVE that last picture...perfect timing! she's the smiliest (is that a word) baby i've ever seen!