Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Baby!!!

So this afternoon i was cleaning up our pigsty of a house. (really you have no idea) I got food poisoning monday night, so pretty much household chores were put on hold. Anyways i was putting away addi's play mat because she is too big for it now and could care less about it. This is the conversation that happened between breck and i.

Breck: mommy what you doing?
ME: I'm putting it away. Addi is too big for it now. we'll get it out again when we have a new baby. (ps this is not any sort of announcement, no new babies at this house)
Breck: We have a new baby. YEAH!!! (all said very excitedly)
ME: oh no no. NOT for a long long time.
Breck: Yeah new baby momma. Kiersten.
ME: yes Kiersten is having a baby.(our good friend kiersten really is having a baby very soon and i assumed that is what he meant. apparently my bad)
Breck: no momma. our baby kiersten.
ME: You want another sister and her name to be Kiersten.
Breck: Yeah Momma.
ME: ask your dad.

Garrett: Put him in Time out!! HAHAHA

Kids say the funniest things!!! I seriously love this age, minus the tantrums and melt downs. The independence is nice 90% of the time!!

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Alan and Kiersten said...

HAHAHAHAHA!. I. LOVE. HIM. what can i say...kiersten is a good name. i'll definitely be expecting your next girl to be named kiersten, if it doesn't happen i'll be seriously offended. :)