Monday, April 12, 2010


This was happening four years ago!! I am so happy that Garrett chose me to be his wifers!! We have been through a lot these last four years!! Lots of school, moving (let me count five times in less than three years!! Pretty much were professional packers at this point!) more school! We had one busy little Beaver(Brecken), a miscarriage, A little girl that smiles even when she's crying, and so many more happy times!! Garrett came into my life when things were so rough. My parents had just separated after being married for 25 years of marriage, and i was confused and unhappy. Garrett brought true happiness back in my life. He showed me how to live, and how to have an adventure!!. He has made me who i am. I love him more than life and am grateful for everything he does for me. If you look up patience in the dictionary you may just see his picture there. He is so patient and understanding with me. He knows me better than anyone!! I love you, LOVER!! Thanks for four amazing years!! Here is to forever with you!!


Katy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are a great couple... glad you're together!

i remember seeing Garrett for the first time at the Plasma Center and I was scared-- he looked like he could kill a man with one punch! But then I looked up the definition of Patience in the dictionary, and lo and behold-- his picture was right there!!! :)

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

OMGOSH. I am tearing up. I love you guys!!! You are total awesome examples to all of us married couples. You have been through so much together. You are such good examples of "best friends" that married each other!!! And you're babies are so flipping beautiful. You are such wonderful parents to them! I could just go on and on. But honestly, we love you guys and really miss you! Please let us move by each other... we have never found our "Tashina and Garrett's" and we want the originals BACK!!!!! :):)

justin.kristin.jade said...

congrats you guys!! we are super happy for you! when are you coming down here to good old HOT arizona?? we need to catch up .... seriously!! :) miss you! xoxoxoxo