Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breck turns Three!!!

I seriously can't believe my little guy is three. Seriously its unreal. This guy has been Mr. spunkilicious since day one. He seriously is so funny, crazy, busy, athletic, strong, loving, attitudie three year old I know. I didn't know I could seriously love a child as much as I love him. He can push my buttons and drive me nuts. But most days he is so sweet and is always making sure everyone is okay. He knows more than he lets on. You ask him to count or what a certain color is and is response every time is I dunno. Then the other day out of no where counted to ten, and then I said what color is the turtle, he says oh mom!!! Its green. That little booger!! Here are some fun things he says and does.
  • Giddy on up!!
  • My Eyes can't see. (This is right after we come inside and walk upstairs and its dark, quite hilarious)
  • nore more (some more)
  • I get a little bike (about 50 times a day)
  • I yuv you.
He says so much stuff i can't even think right now so i'll probably add to this funny list later.

Things he loves and are pure staples in his life.
  • MILK!!! (We may have to buy a cow after garrett graduates, he goes through at least 1.5 gallons a week.)
  • Yogurt
  • Gogurt (frozen, he thinks its icecream)
  • sticks (french toast sticks)
  • pancakes
  • eggos
  • mac and cheese
  • grilled cheese
  • Peanut butter and Jelly (this is usually at ten at night)
  • tortillas
  • pizza
  • Finally Chicken Nuggets (if you know Breck you know he won't, refuses to eat meat, so this is a big deal!!)
  • and anything with sugar
Dear Brecken,
What a crazy, fun boy you are. We cannot believe that you are already three. Somedays i feel like you are way older than that, and probably expect you to act older. You are way stronger than you think you are, and surprise us at all the stuff you. You can jump, pull yourself up, and run faster than any other just barely three year old i know.
Daddy and I love you so much and are so grateful that you are part of our family. You constantly keep us on our toes and running after you and we wouldn't have it any other way. You have such a strong personality and know what you want and when you want it. You have always been this way and we hope it continues through out your life for the good. You are such a great big brother to Addi and make sure she is okay or has what she needs. You are such a great helper to mom, and love helping with laundry, vacuum, sweep, and empty the silverware. We love you so much and so glad that you are part of our family!
Love mommy, daddy, and baby addi

Here are some pics of today. It was a great day. He got so spoiled and I'm glad that we could do that this year. He got a bike from us, lots of little trucks, bikes, and balls from friends. jammies, rocket, Counting game from grammie and papa, and buzz, and woody from cousin Naomi!!!

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