Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can you Say UNDER the WEATHER!!

We went and ran errands yesterday and the kids did great. They did great and then five minutes from home Brecken was screaming that his belly hurt. We were seriously a minute from the house and upchucked everything. All over the car and all over him. Thank goodness for car seat mats under the car seat and mats on the floor of the car. We got him cleaned up and ran to the store to get breck a few things and Addi had thrown up all over her bed!! PURE AWESOMENESS. Garrett was on his way out the door and Addi puked again. I told him to go and then before i knew it both kids are puking at the same time. They didn't fall asleep until one and then were awake on and off all night. It was so sad. They slept 80% of the day today and are doing much better. I'm glad they were sick at the same time and just got it over with.

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The Coles said...

Sick! I'm not looking forward to that stage! Right now I'm just cleaning up gallons of spit up, but at least it doesn't stain:) How bizzar that they were sick at the exact same time. I'm glad they are feeling better though!