Saturday, July 17, 2010

Its finally over!!!

I don't think I posted about little miss addi but today I am seriously excited. For about the last month and half I have been dealing with the second picture. Lots and lots of unsolid runny messes!! It has been completely disgusting and I was starting to think this was normal. She had c-diff which is usually caused by taking too many antibiotics, but can also be contagious from another child who has c-diff. You can only contract it by poo. So if you don't wash your hands after you change a diaper or they touch it and you don't notice etc. Everyone has c-diff, its a natural bacteria in your intestines and when your good bacteria is depleted the c-diff takes over and causes these awesome runny messes. We did the antibiotics(it is an antibiotic that is a concentrate of the good bacteria or something like that). Well right after this she got the flu (poor girl i know). So finally on thursday after she exploded all over in the grocery cart, we had had enough. We called the dr and took her right in. He said your bowels have these fingerlike projections that come out and distribute the nutrients (or something like that) and since she has had diarrhea for so long her body hasn't had time to recover with the flu and everything, so those fingerlike projections are stubbs. The milk she is drinking is not being digested properly into the projections, so she started soy on thursday (for about two weeks)and yesterday we could already tell a difference. Today she actually was solid. I CAN't BELIEVE IT!! YAY it's finally over. (I know this is probably really gross but seriously you would be yellin from the roof tops if you were in my shoes!!) No more nasty blow outs, cleaning the bumpers, sheets, etc. My laundry just got cut in half!!! Halelujuah!!!

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Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

that sounds just like what brody delt with for the first year of his life! then we figured out he is really sensitive to milk. just abaout a month ago he finally started getting solid poops! what a happy month it's been!!!! :) good for you girl... and good for addi. that's NEVER fun. i bet she had rashes too.... poor baby!!!