Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fair FUN!!!!

We seriously had a blast at the fair. We would go to the fair every year in Idaho once we moved back from Phoenix. We decided we wanted to keep doing that here. The food is always greasy and is about the price of gold. We got us some Jumbo corndogs and they were actually not bad, considering we aren't really corndog eaters. We watched pigs race, Brecken kill it in Mutton Bustin (sheep racing, you'll see that in an earlier post so make sure you scroll down and watch the video!!!!). We walked around and did the free kids sections, which Brecken loved, looked at all the animals, and watched some mutton bustin!!!The kids did really good and I think they had lots of fun. They were asleep before we got back to the car. Seriously such a fun day for our family.

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Vivian Frei said...

The fair is the best yearly tradition here too. I love how Brecken did on the mutton bustin. He is so little compared to all the other kids. Keep posted on if he does it again for the championship.