Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny things the Breckster says!!!

Some of these pics came up the other day on the screen saver and I wanted to post them. Brecken cracks me up. I wish I would of known that three and half years ago he would of changed my life so much for the better!!!! I LOVE YOU Buddy!!!
Brecken says some of the funniest things and I wanted to write them down because let's be honest we say we'll remember and we totally don't.
So whenever we're out and about Brecken asks for everything. I'm sure this is pretty typical for really any three year old. I mean who wouldn't want a cool looking lighter from walgreens??:) Mostly its toys but there's an occasional lighter or batteries. For most things I give my typical maybe for Christmas Santa will bring it, or dude we ran out of money can you believe it. His money response is great. "You did, ohhhhhh." This works pretty much all the time, and by the time we're out the door I'm sure he has forgotten already. But anyways the other day we were coming out of Winco and Brecken looks at me and says, "mom we need money, LOTS of money." I just laughed and said I know what you mean buddy. (I'm pretty sure he wanted some fruit snacks that didn't make it into the cart, and I think I gave my no money response.)

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. I love the beaver's version of the song and I can't help but laugh when he sings it in his sweet little voice. "Jesus wants for me a Sunbeam, to sign for him (sing each day really fast) each day. In ever way ty to pease him, (also sing next part super fast) at home, at cool, at pay. A sunbeam (fist pump the arm) a sunbeam (fist pump), Jesus wants for me a Sunbeam (fist pump), a sunbeam (fist pump), a Sunbeam (fist pump), I'll be a sunbeam for him. (Please note that all fist pumps are all really enthusiastic)

My Little Beaver Believer We love you so much and thanks for making us laugh and smile!!!!

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Alan and Kiersten said...

he's so funny! i think you definitely need to get him singing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam on video. i'm gonna need to see that. miss him!