Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The kids get up at the crack of dawn, okay an hour before the crack of dawn. (so sometimes we get to have breakfast as a family!!They take a two to three hour nap and are asleep by eight, so i'm not complaining about the early wake up. We have been having lots of fun in our neck of the woods. Brecken is always building a tower or a robot out of whatever he has around. He always is saying the funniest things and keeps us laughing. Little miss sassy pants... She has six teeth coming in, two have broke through, and she has yet another double ear infection... sigh, hopefully this time around will be better. The poor child hates the dr and well so do I. We will all be happier when this is over. Addi is talking more and running(mostly away from Brecken, seriously hilarious). Brecken is learning more letters and trying to write them, he knows most colors, and likes to paint. (he recently drew a pic of our family, precious I know). I am working on Christmas stuff which I'm really excited for this year. I have almost everything bought for extended family. I have done virtually nothing for ours but hopefully in the next few weeks we'll be all done!! Garrett is working his sweet little life away. Hopefully the beginning of the year it will slow down a little bit. Definitely looking forward to this long weekend with him and my in laws!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Tyrelle said...

Did you switch doctors? Did you find a better one?

Ripleys said...

ok... so lets just start with... ur kids r so stinking cute. i have a list of stuff i wanna say about ur adorable pic. 1. addi has a super cute vest, 2, ur son has huge feet 3. love that addi is wearing breck old pjs, 4. i love addi face for the breakfast pic! yep thats all