Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Beaver!!

This guy seriously keeps us laughing all the time! With all of his make believe stuff and the funny things he comes up with. Ever since we moved here he tells us he has certain "things" at his house. For instance we walk by a big truck walking into the store and he says, "Daddy I have a big truck at my house." really its quite funny!! Seriously if he had all the things he said he had at his "house" it would be a party! I think we would all be in heaven!

Some things he says...or does that I just love.

  • randomly comes up and says, "mommy I love you"
  • "mommy you have a little bum." then walks over to some pictures from College where i'm bending over and sticking out sportin my byui on my butt he then says, "you have a BIG bum here."
  • Any sort of dancing he does is hilarious and I never get sick of it. Especially the despicable me dance=hilarious!
  • "I have to eat my dinner so I can be a big spiderman when I get big." (I wish he would still eat his dinner, pickiest eater on the face of the planet, I SWEAR!!!!)
  • The kids when they play hide and seek. Addi just runs around yelling Hide while Brecken tells us he is going to hide in his tent??????? (this is sort of nice I just pretend I'm looking for him while I multi-task. Surprise find him and then he hides his tent!! haha
  • He loves playing candyland and I think he wishes all the candy was real!
  • When he eats something and says "mmmmm this is so really good mommy, thank you!! (he is really a polite kid) haha
  • Likes to try and help addi go potty on the big potty.
  • Yells coming out of the bathroom "I wiped my own butt, I can get a sticker." Maybe this is only funny to me because well that means i don't have to.
  • Loves to do his chores so he can get his stickers. (he is currently stickering for a "quirt gun that quirts water." aka a Squirt gun!
  • He hates wearing pants. garrett always i mean always comes home to a boy with no pants on and asks him wear his pants went.
He keeps us laughing constantly and at the same time tests my patience (i'm working on this myself.) He is one of the easiest to love little guys. He is so quick to protect his little sister or find out what happened when she's hurt. He loves her and tells her often!;) Now if he would just eat and learn his alphabet I think we could say he is the picture perfect child!;) Love my little snuggle buddy!

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Alan and Kiersten said...

i'm not going to lie this brought a little tear to my eye! i seriously LOVE that kid! this post cracks me up and makes me miss him so bad all at the same time! oh and i'm pretty sure you need to post a video of the dispicable me dance...