Monday, August 29, 2011

Pismo Beach!!!!!!

Pismo Beach was absolutely AMAZING!! We went on the sand dunes for 2 days, played on the beach, flew kites, blew bubbles, and played played and played some more. It was so relaxing! This is where you can rent 4 wheelers, sand rails etc. From this point on its nuts and totally packed with campers. I was so glad to have a shower, bed, washer and dryer, and everything else an awesome beach house has to offer! Garrett's parents were tons of fun as always and we are so grateful they let us tag along on their little trip.

Garrett being a total goober, Breck's one time riding with Mom and Dad. My one time driving experience! I liked driving on the beach, Garrett took care of business on the dunes. The kids rode in the rather smooth, SAFE, comfortable JEEP!

Some Shops down by The Pier.

Breck jumpin the waves. Addi looks apprehensive, I trust you she was NOT! She was crazy and someone had to be with her at ALL times! She's crazy!

Male Bonding of course!

Getting his sand castle/hole digging on! Pure child heaven out here!
Grammy found a little crab!

Garrett's wife and the "other" woman!

What are Papa's awesome and good for??? Carrying your child up the hill while racing the other. Addi did not like the sand on her hands. I don't have pictures here but the kids also boogy boarded down the dunes! So funny and they loved it......until Addi face planted hard core and had sand in her eyes, nose and crazy gross in her mouth. Breck loved it until he got sand in his eyes too!
Some of these hills were pretty big. It totally looks like Garrett is talking on his phone...When we looked at these pictures I said who were you talking to....He assured me he was digging sand out of his ears....We are still cleaning sand out of hair...I'm sure we will for a few more days...It was totally worth it. So sad our little trip is over! Maybe next year???!!

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Lauren & Keven Burns said...

You guys are such a cute family. We miss you a lot. Let us know the next time you make your way out to Arizona!