Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Beaver!

Yesterday when I picked Beaver up from school one of his teachers told me she was in a group with Brecken and this other little boy. I have mentioned before this is a special preschool. The boy that is in Brecken's group has Downs and some other physical disabilities. She told me that she wanted me to know how great Breck was with him, and how sweet he is with him. She said he is always so gentle, kind and helpful. He is always so willing to help him glue his projects together and play with him.

Seriously I almost started to cry. Brecken is definitely a busy little guy but he has always been such a sweet sweet guy. He is alot like his daddy. They put off this tough exterior but really they have such sweet hearts and are such big teddy bears. I want my children to be around children who aren't "normal." I want them to be comfortable around people who have special needs and know that it is okay to be friends with someone who can't walk, or talk quite right, etc etc. Brecken you make your mommy and daddy so proud, I hope you stay this way your whole life! You are amazing and make me want to be a better mommy!

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