Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Addilicious, b-dizzle, and famdamily!!!

So here is some pics of the family. This has been quite the week. My dad and stepmom have seriously been life savers this last week. Brecken has had so much fun swimmin in the hotel pool and playin with "papa, and gma." Garrett's mom has been here this week and let me just say thank goodness for grandparents. Addi has had jaundice really bad which means she is on the bili blanket 24-7. So breck has not seen much of me because i'm perma upstairs, runnin to the hospital for addi's new foot stick, or sleeping because they say that they have to wake up every two hours to eat until her bilirubin levels are under control. So brecken has had lots of fun with grammie so far this week. My sister came up which i think i mentioned and it was so much fun, but not much sleep was had since we haven't seen each other in months and probably won't see each other in months. It was really fun to have her here with sweet baby. I'm glad our girls will be able to grow up "together"!!! Love ya Celeste!!!! and PS the last pic is the size diapers i'm changin these days, weird how small addi's are!!! PS again!!!! did i mention i'm so glad to not be prego anymore!!!!!:)


The McMullin's said...

very cute pics! your little family is so cute! as soon as i pulled your blog up all carson was saying was..... Brecken, brecken, that brecken! how is brecken doing with being the big brother? if you guys need anything, or if you want brecken to play with anyone.....let me know!

Katy said...

ADORABLE!!!!! oh i love the pictures, what a great lookin fam! Ava had pretty gnarly jaundice too... under the bili blanket for a little over a week... blech!

she's a little angel, and Brecken looks like he's a great big bro!!!

ps. you look TERRIFIC!!!

Dallin said...

She is so cute, all cheeks like you said. I was also thinking, if you would have gone full term with her she would have been like 11lbs! Crazy! Is it weird to think you haven't even reached your due date? Also, I am still really unsure about the whole Birth story, you should blog about it! Hope everything is going well!


Marissa said...

Cute!!! Hey, we call Story, Story-licious! So Addilicious and Story-licious can be nick name friends!