Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feedin Ducks!!!

So we went and fed the ducks tonight and I was afraid they were going to start nibbling on our toes but breck loved it and please don't mind his cowboy boots we forgot his shoes and that was all that was in the car.


Ripley Family said...

Love the pics and video of him! He is getting so big!!! And look at you...Tami saw pics of you and says to tell you you look adorable. So tiny...just a ball of baby on the front. :) Hopefully we'll see you soon! lots of love!

Garrett said...

uh tell tami she is one kind soul!!! Yes and hopefully baby midget will come this week. (Seriously pray for me i'm so tired of being HUGE!!!) Miss you guys!!

Mellissa and Curtis Hill said...

OH MY GOSH!! Look at that adorable BABY BUMP! Actually it's more like a baby mountain now!! ANY DAY!! Soooo exciting! I can't wait to see little Addi! We will be there the first week of Sept it's official! Girl- you don't look like you've gained any weight anywhere but the bump! Awesome. Can't wait to see you and your cute cute family!!! XoxoxoXoxOx