Saturday, September 19, 2009

Addi's blessing and MORE!!!

So here is the hip hop happenings with us lately. here is my sweet new jogger that i got for a steal on Love it except it doesn't fit through any doors, but is great for running. Here is breck bein mischievious and keepin us on our toes. When I look at him now he is such big boy. We have started potting training, some days are better than others but he is actually doing quite well. We take break some days so it doesn't become a negative thing but he does pretty good and likes his big boy underwears!!:) I looked into the bathroom the other day while b-dizzle was bathing himself and i just saw his cute feet and his dome piece. Just chillaxin in the tub. Funny boy!!!
We blessed my favorite little girl in the world labor day weekend. We were able to have so much family in town it was so much fun. My sister who i haven't seen since thanksgiving drove all the way up from vegas with her family and the kids had a blast. My mom, dad, step mom and almost 92 year old g-ma came up. Garrett had his mom, brother, a few aunts uncles and cousins came up. Thanks to everyone for such an amazing weekend.

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