Tuesday, November 10, 2009


FOLKS IT'S TRUE BRECK IS POTTY TRAINED. IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE!!! So he is potty trained but has a hard time pooing in the toilet so each day is quite eventful when it comes to that. It took some bribery the first few days and then there was some rebellion, that no bribery could solve. He really has done really good. Only two accidents when we've been out and about. But one thing is for sure this kid is always taken off his clothes now. It's hard to keep them on him. And yes he is wearing one of addi's jackets and i could snap it and everything. It was quite funny. He is also a big helper when it comes to laundry!! He is quite the helper and is always willing to help. He also picks up his toys all by himself every night before we read books!!!
My little addi baby is just precious!! I love her so much. I believe she loves dad more than mom. Garrett pretty much has to put her to bed everynight. Every night it's a "fight" and then Garrett says I'll take her and i go and finish up with breck and I tell you what folks before i'm to the top of the stairs the screaming stops and five minutes later she's in her bed. She's the boss folks!!!:) She is smiling cooing and starting to laugh. She's not quite as active as breck. Breck rolled over and two and half months and we are still waiting. I'm totally okay with this. I can only handle one child like brecken. Love him though!!!


Katy said...

awww.... addi looks really cute in her bumbo... love those things! Way to Go on the potty training!!! that's great!

Danielle said...

The program I was doing for Ellie was a three day one and an e-book. Who was it by? Laura or Lori Jensen or something? Anyways, it is an awesome program. I'm glad Breck is doing great with it!