Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's new in the BUrg!!!

Okay just a little about the picture of breck. This would be lotion in his hair. It was 11 pm and he was supposedly dreaming away, but oh no folks he got of hold of the lotion and decided to "do" his hairs!!! You must always be on your toes around this child. We tried to be upset but garrett and I were dying of laughter and trying to discipline him and let me tell you when your laughing he doesn't really take it seriously!! Addi's classic face love love love it. Okay we have alot to post about so you may have to look at older posts as well to see halloween but i'm not sure it's been awhile so if you make it all the way through congrats!!! So new with my family. My sister is getting married. She's the last one and we are so excited for her. She caught herself a nice fellow who just recently returned from a mission in England and still has a hint of an accent, so he is perfect for our Nacho. Congrats guys. They were going to get married in April but alas my older sister Alyssa is having baby number three so the date has been moved to February 12th, 2010!! Congrats to Alyssa and the upcoming midget!!!
Garrett is having shoulder surgery next week. Please pray for him that everything will go okay and he will have a speedy recovery. We are so excited that we finally found out what is wrong with his shoulder and hopefully this will put an end to the last year of pain this man has suffered. Enjoy the rest of the posts!!! Happy Thanksgiving Season to everyone!!!


Katy said...

hahahahaha!!!! i'm cracking up over Breck's new do... what a funny kiddo! Addi is adorable, she's getting bigger and she's just so cute!

you all look great, i hope your hubby's surgery goes well... prayers for him!

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

Congrats to meeee!!! I got through all of them! :) We miss you guys so much. I love how you call Breck a woman when he's being a sissy pants. Lol. This is why our husbands love each other so much!!!! I hope we can see you guys soon. MISS YOU


Luke and Marissa said...

hahahah OMG, the lotion in the hair is hilarious. Brecken, you would. Also, good luck with the surgery! He'll be glad once it is fixed and he recovers. :)

Alan and Kiersten said...

oh. my. gosh. i laughed so hard at addi's face. that's freaking hilarious. and breck's hair. killing me.