Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas and Lately!!!

We went to phoenix again for christmas and the weather was so amazing. It was around 65 the whole time we were there. Garrett and i were out one day and we were like we should of brought shorts. Last week when garrett left for school it was -18 out. BURRRR!!!!:) So it was nice to be somewhere a little warmer. Here are some things we did. I learned how to long board!!! Go me, I really liked it and hopefully this summer i'll be able to practice. Addi was her happy little self content to be held by whom ever!!! We also rode motorcycles which brecken love love loved. HE's a little motor head what can i say he's just like his Dad. He would cry anytime anyone would leave and he was not on that bike!!! Brecken also loved to longboard as well. Little Ryan Schekler on our hands!! We went and hiked telegraph pass one day and breck was a total trooper. We had a slight melt down in the beginning but what two year old wouldn't it's three miles!!:) So for the most part he did awesome!! It was fun to be with family and hangout. We were gone entirely too long almost two weeks, that's too long for two little kids so i don't believe we will be going anywhere that long ever again. It was nice to get out of the burg and hangout with garrett's familia!!!

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