Friday, February 19, 2010

Precious Moments

So I find myself with the kids most of the time these days. Garrett is taking fifteen credits and working(blessed day)!! You hear all the time to enjoy the phase of life that you are in and i think so many times I think as soon as we are out of school and making money, or when the kids are older I will enjoy that better. I hate it when i do that. I do love my life and this phase but i think sometimes we need to be reminded. Anyways I find myself just going through the day and doing the day to day things that have to get done including laundry, dishes,etc. But there are nights like tonight that I truly love my life and this phase in my life. I love that my kids are young and learning new things and words everyday, but any who Garrett works most nights so i'm on my own for bedtime with my favorite midgets. Tonight breck wanted to say "pray myself" no help from mom. I couldn't help but have a few tears when he thanked heaven fader for daddy mommy addi and zach(garrett's cousin)!!! I forget in the craziness of the day how precious these sweet spirits are and how grateful i am to be able to have children, and healthy children at that. I love these precious moments that i have with my children. I am truly blessed.
Milestones for the kiddos. Breck is officially off the binky(he left it in the cart at walmart, at least i'm not the bad guy) i'm not sure who's worse off him or me!! We're battling at this point wish me luck!!! Some of my favorite things that breck says are, (as he is cuddling with me) I loved you mommy!! Addi is ok(as he is talking to addi, she's usually crying), me turn, pic bike (fix bike), Batcumm(vacuum), and there are others but i can't think of them. Addi is rolling over both ways, talking all the time, SMILES SMILES AND SMILES!!! I suspect if she is anything like her brother she'll be crawling before seven months!! YAY!!! (please pray for me)!!!;)

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