Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How blessed are YOU??

Today I feel how would you say this, EXTRA blessed. We have been having some issues with our brakes on the endeavor lately.(not like oh my gosh we aren't going to stop problems) They are wearing down and to roters sp? were needing to be replaced we thought.
Well we are going to Utah this weekend, so we needed to take the car in and see what the damage was... blah... If you know how hard of time we've been having this is just another thing to add to the list. BLAST!!!
So anyways, Garrett came home last night and handed me a letter from my dad and stepmom. I had just talked to him and he didn't say anything about sending anything in the mail so i was surprised. I opened it up and it was a check. I was like holy crap, what is this for? The note said, (we've all been there when it seems like you can't catch a break, use this wisely and i hope it helps you out. I love you Dad and Susan!! I about cried. Then today we took the car in and guess what the parts and work to get it done (i guess roters are hard to do, so garrett can't do it) cost... the same amount of money that my parents had sent. Can you say truely inspired i think so. I am so grateful for these small blessings. We may have a job that pays next to nothing and we are barely making it, but we are. Today i feel so blessed. There are so many times when i feel like i'm at my wits end and i truely believe that's what helps us grow and get through trials!!! That is also when the Lord blesses us the most. I know we need to have faith in the Lord and he will guide and direct us. Today remember the things you have, because many people don't have them and wish they did. Today i am thankful for a whole lot!!

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