Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Time!!

This is the first Saturday in like four months that Garrett has had off. He was suppose to have some buddies go wheelin with him and things came up at the last minute. I like to go wheelin with Gar but it can be quite stressful with two little kids. We usually go to places where there is mostly rocks, but today we went to the sand dunes. I didn't really have to worry about the kids. Brecken played in the sand with his friend Crew, and Addi well she ate alot of dirt. Both were awesome the whole time. We didn't break anything major. Garrett went through this really tricky section that i was worried about, then on his way out in an easy part his spotters didn't tell him he was close to a rock and it broke Breck's window. Luckily he wasn't in there, Addi was but on the other side of the car. The car touch the rock and it shattered. Luckily it fell out instead of into the car. I said a few choice words and was just glad that Addi wasn't hurt!! We seriously had so much fun and i'm glad that we went. We don't get to spend very much time as a family and when we do its usually getting midgets ready for bed.

Brecken is obsessed with bikes(as in motorcycles, dirt bikes, anything with a motor let's be honest.) For the first hour he kept yelling at us to find bikes and that he wanted one for his Birthday.{Did you know that if you don't want to buy your kid anything at the store tell them maybe they'll get it for their birthday. Brecken says that every time we play at Wal-mart. And if that doesn't work, well sorry grandparents i tell them maybe you'll get it for him. The latest is a $600 water slide park at Sam's!! Yeah that one is said that grandparents will buy. He only remembers when we're there so don't worry!!!:)}
Anyways the day was fabulous we all got too much sun and had lots of fun!! YAY for family time!!
PS you can see some of the Tetons in the pictures. Do you live anywhere there is sand and mountains in the same picture, cuz we do. BEA-U-TIFUL I tell ya!!!

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