Thursday, April 22, 2010

Serious Cuteness!!

I seriously cannot get enough of her. So doesn't the first picture remind of an old women that has no teeth and smiles with her mouth shut. Because it does to me. PS All of these pics were taken today so I don't think my daughter wears the same clothes everyday, ok well maybe occasionally but not today.j/k!! She is such a poser when you bring the camera out. Maybe she'll be like a mini model when she gets older, because lets be honest she'll be lucky if she hits five feet.
I found her in her crib today, with no pants on. Okay confession she didn't take her pants off i knew they were off but we had already five poopie diapers by that time so that's where the no pants comes from. But folks i cannot get enough of her legs. They are so chubby. Its hard to not nibble on them. Cheeks and thighs that's the kind of mom i am what can i say i lovem!! (If you would like to take a nibble give me a call and come on over!!!:)
Please notice that she officially is wearing a clip, it lasted until nap time with lots of hair spray.
PS doesn't she have the prettiest eyes,(please see last picture)!!!

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Marissa said...

Dude, she is seriously cute! I love that you are posting so frequently!