Sunday, April 18, 2010


Alot of people have asked about the sweet new ride:)!! So here are the details for those that are interested. We only spent $100 out of our pocket because we sold our single jogging stroller!:( Which i am super sad about but this was a better investment for our family so here ya go folks. this is the link where we got ours!!
Things that i absolutely love love love about this thing a mabob!!
1. It is versatile and can be used easily has a jogger, trailer, or camel.
2. Camel meaning it has alot of storage space. It has two back pockets easily accessible great for things such as Brecken's shoes because he refuses to wear them in the stroller, diapers, wipes, baby food, garrett's shoes (he has clipless pedals so he has to change shoes if we go into a store), coats for kids. This is all at the same time folks. Then it has a storage compartment behind the seat, which is amazing for lots and lots of groceries!!:) This is why i say it can be used as a camel!! Awesome i tell ya awesome!!
3. It can be used not just for two children, but for just one as well. It has buckle in the center so it doesn't throw off the whole trailer, ya know what i mean.
4. All the reviews we've seen on it have been great.
5. My kids like being in there together and brecken gets to do things like get addi a binky or a toy, or hold her bottle sitting up. Great helper he is.
6. It has 20 inch wheels and a swivel front that can be removed. You can also buy a kit for a stationary front wheel, which at some point we do get because those are awesome for running and don't vibrate. So we're savin our pennies!!
7.Pretty much this maamajama is amazing and everyone should get one!!
ps my daughter hate hate hates the grass!! the end!!


Katy said...

Just looked it up and DAAAAANG, we LOVE it!!!! Taylor saw your bike/trailer at the store today-- he was drooling over both the bikes and the trailer-- you've got us hooked!!

Thanks for listing that, now we have something to save up for!!!

ps. Addie is SOOOOO Cute!

Matt and Jayna said...

How nice is that! We are looking into buying a jogging stroller. That is even cooler that you can hook it to bikes also. Congratulations on your fun new toy!!

Erica Jessop said...

We have that EXACT same trailor and WE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Except I don't love it so much when I try to go up hills, but I do love it!:)