Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brecken's little dog!!!

The kids right after baths. Addi is ready for a nap and looking tired. Brecken well i'm sure he's asking for a binky!!:) Addi is Brecken's little dog and seriously follows him everywhere. She woke up after he got in the bath and this is what i found. I just love how she is barely tall enough to look into the tub. I love her in her jammies so cute!! She loves taking baths with Brecken. Addi is not quite as fearless as Brecken. She is a little more shy but still gets into EVERYTHING!!! She is getting pretty fast at crawling and can pull herself up on pretty much anything. Brecken is usually pretty good with her, with the exception of throwing pillows or blankets on her and pretty much suffocating her (i promise this is not on purpose) He is still learning and learning his limits. He is filling in words in sentences. Such as, the, is, it, etc. We understand most everything and he can say most things. He is a good kid but i swear we are too much alike, because he sure knows how to push my buttons. Addi is a lot like Garrett super mellow just enjoying what's going on around her. Love those kiddos!!

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