Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Three father's days ago Garrett became a Daddy on actual Father's Day. Probably the best father's present he ever got. I am sooooooooo blessed to have such an amazing husband. He is such a good man. I'm truly grateful for his parents and the way that they raised him. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He completes me. He is so understanding, compassionate, loving, honest, hard working, amazing husband and Daddy. If Garrett leaves before our midgets get up, that is the first thing Brecken asks is where is Daddy. He gets so excited to see or try to scare Daddy when he comes home. He is so patient with the kiddos and very patient with me. I love that Brecken looks up so much to his Daddy already. I love this man more than anything else in the world, he is my light. He completes me, he makes me want to be a better mother and wife. He makes me want to try harder and accomplish my goals. I was at the gym a few weeks ago running my eight miler and would text me occasionally and ask how I was doing. He would encourage me and tell me that I could do it. I did it and it was because I wanted to make him proud. I love you so much babe, Happy Father's Day!!

A shout out to the other Fathers in my life. My Dad is truly amazing and I am so glad that I have the Dad that I do. He's been a great example to me and I love him so much!!

To my Favorite Father in law. I am truly grateful for the man you are. Garrett and I look up to you so much (and probably call too much with questions haha!!) I know Garrett truly looks to you and wants to be a Husband and Father that you are. We love you!!!

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Katy said...

How cool, to become a Father on Father's day!!

Happy Birthday sweet boy and Happy Father's Day, Garrett!

Love the photos- you guys are seriously a great family!