Friday, June 25, 2010

So Blessed!!

Today is the day that our lives have changed. Garrett rocked it and got a job offer today. So he better graduate so we can go!! haha, but seriously he betta!! He doesn't have his "official" offer yet and we will get it in a few days. I'm excited, anxious, and it feels a little too good to be true right now. We have really struggled for the last few years trying to get jobs that will accommodate school schedules, the babes, etc. Having kids in school is hard. Trying to find time to study, make sure they are given the attention they need, financially just hard. Finding a balance i guess you could say. Come August we are officially Californians. I couldn't be more excited to get out of Idaho!!! It has been winter forever and it will be amazing weather in CA, no snow that is amazing!! I really am so proud of Garrett. He had been gone today for quite awhile and I got more ansy the longer he was gone. When he got home I was in one of the bedrooms with Addi, he yelled babe where are you. He came in and by the sound of his voice I knew he A. Still had no idea about the job, or B. Got the job. He walked in the Henry Weinhart(?) soda and flowers. I said you got the job. He said I got the job. I cried and couldn't stop smiling. Such a burden lifted. We've waited for so long and have struggled so much. We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives, with no homework and real money!!:) Today I really do feel SO blessed.


Vivian Frei said...

Congratulations! That is awesome news. You will love real adult life. It is so nice not to worry about homework and the school stuff. I am happy for you guys.

Erica said...

congratulations Sheena!!! I'm so excited for that next chapter too!!! And California!!! That is going to be a huge change.

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

YAY!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!