Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Ya Know.. just a day in the life!!

Here are a just a few pics from the park and the lake when we were in Phoenix!! Did I mention that Brecken wake boarded while we were at the lake. I think he was a little scared but he did GREAT!! Just a little update on the fam. We have received and signed Garrett's offer, so it really is official. In just a few weeks we'll be on our way out of here. I really am excited. Garrett and I have set many goals for this next chapter in our lives. We really are excited to be "real" adults. In just a few shorts weeks there will be No more school (for now), no more loans, no more snow (for a few years at least), a new ward, a new calling, a new place (SCARY), a new house (i love my house :(), and lots of missionary work. I think Gar said he is probably the only member at the plant. Crazy going from Rexburg to that. We are really excited though. This will be the first place that we know not a single soul. When I think about that it is slightly scary okay really scary. I know that this is the place where we are suppose to be, and Heavenly Father has truly blessed us with this job. We know of several people even just in our ward that have had a hard time getting work out of school. We feel so blessed to know where we will be and taken care of.
PS Don't I have the cutest kids ever!!

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Luke and Marissa said...

Yes, you do have the cutest kids ever. Besides Story.