Saturday, August 21, 2010

brecken's owie!!!

So the pics don't even do this little guy justice. You actually can't even see it in the pic but we were shopping at winco and the winco here has some pretty rad carts. there is an extension of the front of the cart that faces the front of the cart and the kids can sit and basically act like they are pushing the cart. Brecken was jumping and hanging onto the cart saying, "Brecken to the rescue." I totally saw it coming and told him he'd better stop he was going to bonk his face. I'd been gone for like three hours because of pest control who were two hours late to begin with. All of us were tired and neither of the kids had had a nap. I know awesome right. Anyways he jumped and wacked his face and blood started pouring out. I was like freaking fabulous. I couldn't see where the blood was coming from there was so much of it. I think he was swallowing it and i found where it was coming from. He took a huge chunk out of the thing that attaches from your lip to your top gums. I immediately called my sister she's a dental hygienist and told her what happened. She told me a couple things to look for and as of right now things are good. I guess his teeth can die up to six months later so we are praying that doesn't happen. I don't he'll be jumping in the cart anymore.

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