Friday, September 10, 2010

Jump On IT!!!

This is the best $40 i have ever spent. Breck's own bounce "house". That's what he calls it!!. He jumps on this ALOT!! He also tries to jump off the top of the couch into it. Flings himself off the sides of etc. Yes he loves it and he really does have his undies on!! he also makes a bed in it and watches movies occasionally. He tried to tell me the other night that he was going to sleep in it. (yeah right mr.):)


The McMullin's said...

Where did you get that? I need to get something like that for Carson. He loves to jump on everything. I know he would have a blast with it!

Tyrelle said...

I also want to know where you got that. SO awesome. And your little Addi is just scrumptious!