Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

In Conference on Sunday, President Monson said to have an attitude of gratitude. I feel like we try and express to our Heavenly Father how truly grateful we are. We really are blessed. Here are just a few SMALL things!!;)
  • I have an amazing little family who I love and adore.
  • Brecken is spicy and full of attitude and I can't help but laugh sometimes because him and I are really the same!!(my dad tells me all the time how i was just like that, lovely!!)
  • Addi is my sweet, sensitive little cuddle bug, who just really loves to be held ALL the time. I enjoy it because I know it won't last forever.
  • Garrett works incredibly hard for our sweet little family, he has to work some saturdays and that makes like 70 hour work week. that's long!!! I am so grateful for him and his willingness to work so hard and never complains, ever!!
  • To have a job. The economy is bad, really bad. We have lots of friends who don't have jobs and family who have struggled to keep jobs, so I am incredibly grateful to have an income no matter what it is.
  • To stay home with my sweet kiddos. The days are long but I enjoy them. We have a routine now and I like it. We seriously have zero friends but we're okay.
  • Brecken wanting to learn. We do school, whether its watching our numbers and abcs, reading books, his workbook or his new book that I'm putting together.
  • The funny things Brecken says. Its probably bad, but brecken will get frustrated and says, "mom this feaking thing won't work" (I say freaking alot and I am trying to say something else, but I still find it funny)
  • Brecken getting excited and saying WOW!!! or OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!
  • Addi saying memmy and daydi. She is definitely turning into a Daddy's girl. Anytime Garrett gets in the car or comes home from work she is freaking out saying daydi and jumping or kicking her feet like crazayzi!!
I have an attitude of gratitude. What do you have in your life that are small or big but you love!!!??


Luke and Marissa said...

That is a great list of gratitude! I'm thankful for warm weather, even though I sometimes itch for crisp, fall air.

Josh and Nat said...

TASHINA! I so wish we lived by each other! Josh works 60 hour weeks so I am all alone too! Its so hard huh?!!! But you are right once you get the routine its a little better, and I said little. Will you ever move here???????????????

Alan and Kiersten said...

i loved this post! we definitely all have things to be thankful for even if things aren't ideal! love you. miss you.