Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekends... Oh How I heart them!!!

I Heart the Weekends. This is really the first time ever that we know our schedules every week and I love love love it. Even if we weren't working while we were in school we still had homework, and now its totally stress free and just us!! I like that when Garrett is home he's just home. No homework, not as much stress and the kids have their faces plastered to the slider when garrett comes in the door. They miss him and so do I. So I love being out of school and enjoying our little family!! PS garrett found that rad sign in the garbage, its going in the garage not the house!! :)

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Alan and Kiersten said...

one day i will have weekends! ha ha. one day. i love your hair!!! it's so cute!! seriously you're brave. i don't think i could go that dark, but it looks awesome on you! i love miss addie. that first post made me miss her something awful! love you!