Friday, October 1, 2010


Yes its true we are moving yet again!!! We are staying in CA, just moving to a different apartment complex. When we first started looking at apartments before we moved here, every person said live in Clovis, live in Clovis. So that is where we looked. We did everything online and honestly if we would of visited here before hand I don't think we would of done anything different. Why are we moving, let me tell you a few reasons why... We pay an absurd amount for rent. This place was built in 68 or 78, regardless its old like really old. We live in this huge complex that used to to be one and now its three different ones. The others are $150 cheaper a month for the same thing. That is just retarded. Well after having cochroaches since we've been here, going beyond broke with our electric bill, and not being able to pay off hardly if any debt. We are going no where. So we gave our sixty day notice and we are moving in two weeks. Our new place is a dream. Its not in Clovis but it is only a year old and the commute will be alot easier for Garrett. The workout room there is waaaay better than the one here, they still have a pool which is a must. It is still over 100 here, but hopefully cooling down. I get granite countertops, a ginormous pantry, laundry room in my house and not in the garage. Gar still gets a garage and we'll finally be able to start to pay some shizzle off. We have been reading Dave Ramsey's Total money Make over, (Well Garrett is and he relays it to me, but I'm going to read it when I finish mockingjay I know totally important right.) We really have done our research, we have been looking for something else pretty much since we moved in.
So lessons for next time we move to a different state, only sign a month lease or two months, so we can get to know the area!!! YAY for saving money and living somewhere that doesn't smell like thirty different families old laundry!!:)

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Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

good for you guys! you are sooo lucky you can get out that fast! we did that when we moved here (you guys never saw our first place but it was BAD) and we had to stay for a whole YEAR!!! i love dave ramsey. i took a course when i took out my student loans and the guy knows is stuff. good goals guys! we've been working toward the same thing for 3 yrs now! lol. we'll get there!!!! we sure miss you guys and will call the next time we're in CA!

ps have you guys met any good buds yet? or potentials at least?