Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makin out like a Bandit!!!

Rei garage sales are freaking amazing. Let me tell you this year we made out and there are still two nights left. Heaven help us. These deals were seriously too good to pass up. Let me tell you what everything usually costs and then tell you what we paid.
Addi's green keens for next summer retail: $28.99 we paid: .83 loving cents
Garrett's climbing shoes: $85.95 we paid: $9.83
my freaking feet so effing comfortable shoes: $80.00 we paid: $4.83
Brecken's North face shoes for this winter: $45.00 We paid: 8.83
Shoes for selling: 74.95 we paid:6.83

Then we had to buy another membership card which was $20 lameo, they only let you get three things at this one and I think thats pretty messed up. Especially when my kids were freaking out and a guy that worked there was yelling at me telling me I needed to recycle some shoes I was trying on right after I sat down and was trying to situate my kids. Don't worry I said something that I don't really regret and then he back round and thanked me for putting them back don't worry dude i only had three items that i was trying on anyways and the other three were my husbands, get a grip dude!!!:) (again you could only purchase three items no said you could only try on three) Okay i'm done. We did make out great. The only thing left on our list is possibly a climbing rope, a family camp stove, and a kid carrier. Its going on the next two days, so stay tuned.
So Total retail price: 314.89
We paid: $31.15 this makes you want to become an REI member i know it does!!!:)
Plus lameo other membership:): $51.15

A complete savings of stuff we would of had to buy anyways
$263.74 I know amazing right!!!??

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