Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween was a lot of fun this year. We went to the ward trunk or treat. They had huge blow up toys for the kiddos, face painting (Brecken got two ghosts), cotton candy, tons of games to play and then trunk or treat. Some family made their RV into a haunted house. Garrett took Breck in (Brecken wanted to, he was not forced) and the kids got way too much candy between the trunk or treat and Halloween. Addi officially knows what candy is. Any time she walks into the pantry she does a happy dance and points to the candy. Crazy kid. We went Trick or Treating with our friends the Schills. It was really fun. We had Zero Trick or treaters so I'm so glad we went over to their house and did our treatin over there. So fun!! Breck loved it, and Addi kept sticking her hand in the bowl for more and people thought she was so cute so they let her. Addi loves he BF Jamisen. They even rode in the stroller for a bit with each other.

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Katy said...

AAAHH!! your kiddos are ADORABLE in their costumes! Glad you had a great Halloween. And i LOVE your new home, it's awesome!!!!!! Thanks for letting us take a peak inside!

(by the way, my "word verification" is: spermisc. seriously. i couldn't make that up.)