Thursday, December 9, 2010

funny girl!!

Addi will bring me various things and wants me to put them on her. For example, a back pack, a blanket to be wrapped up in, many pairs of pants, and shoes. Last night however was a first. Yes she brought me my bra, yes that's right my bra. As i'm laughing I put it on her and say go show Daddy. She ran as fast as her little legs would take her and laughed the whole way there. Quite funny. Love this little Love bug!!!


Alan and Kiersten said...

i so love her. that's hilarious! she looks so proud of herself too. hahaha

Pierson family said...

Ha ha I love this! Elizabeth loves my bra. Cosette had one on yesterday and Elizabeth wanted one too, she then proceeded to put it on like a back pack.

Katy said...

oh geeze, i'm soooo bad at keeping up with blogs lately and PRIVATE blogs are even harder for me to keep up on! you kids are hilarious!! they just keep getting funnier and funnier (and BIGGER... what's THAT all about?! :) )

I'm cracking up over your "go ahead and get a vasectomy on your way home" comment to you hubs... that sounds JUST like me... but i'm not kidding. at. all. :)

miss you around here... i'm bored and need some good old fashioned entertainment!!