Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute as a bug in a rug!!!

Okay seriously I LOVE Ross!! I got this outfit from there and well I LOVE IT!! I think Addi is soo freaking cute!! I just want to nibble her legs and her sweet delicious chubby cheeks!! PS Please take not that this child LOVES mac and cheese (but it can't be leftovers heavens no, hummm wonder where she got her not wanting to eat leftovers from.......Daddy for sure, he hates them!:))

PPSS Please also take notice her hair is officially long enough for pigtails!! Everyone always says how cute she is, and well I think so I'm her mom, so yes I'm biased. Sometimes I think people just say that, but in her case I really think she is just a beauty!!! Even cheese covered and all!!

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Alan and Kiersten said...

she most definitely is adorable! i love that girl! and i'm seriously LOVING those piggys and the outfit. soooooo cute!