Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday LOVER!!!!

Doesn't he look so intelligent!! I totally married him for his smarts!!! Somethings about Garrett that I probably only know and I will share with you or maybe you do but i'll point them out anyways.

Ahem ......
-Sleeps like the virgin mary all covered literally from head to toe with only his face poking out.
- is one of the most humble person I know. He has lots of skills that I did not know he had before we got married. This is usually wear people think all dirty and say TMI, but seriously he does. He can work magic with any sort of tool and build some great stuff and is amazing working on cars!!
-His beverage whatever it may be a can, a bottle, a glass, etc. Always ends up right next to the sink, never in the trash!!:)
-Brecken wants to be him some day. He said last night that he wants to be a big spiderman like daddy someday.
- The kids most exciting part of the day is when daddy comes home, or we get to make an appearance at work.
- is a great communicator.
- is a great workout partner.
- is an amazing best friend and husband.

We have got to spend some extra time it seems working out together and making new goals for our future. We have been through ALOT since we've met and I couldn't of done any of that without him. I hope Brecken can grow up and be as great as Garrett is. I'm grateful for everything that G$ has done for our family (which is alot), and the hard worker you are!! LOVE YOU Gar!!! Happy Birthday you are finally as old as ME!! FINALLY!!!

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