Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guess who Got in???

Oh Yeah this guy got into Preschool. I seriously cried! I'm such a boob I know! I was really worried and didn't think it was going to happen. Here in the state of CA they have free preschool for those who qualify financially. (It is also by who qualifies the most, so if a billion people applied our chances were still slim.) Well when we applied we qualified but then I went back to turn in his physical stuff and they had changed the financial requirements. They had two different "numbers" one was monthly and another was yearly. The monthly one we made well under the amount but the yearly one we now made 500 dollars too much. I knew the chances were slim for him to get in but I've praying like a mad woman. They have switched to ALL day kindergarten here. I couldn't imagine Brecken going from doing some school with me here and there to SIX hours of school. I just didn't see it happening. Anyways the lady called me today and asked when we got paid and I told her and she told us we didn't qualify. I immediately said thank you for looking over our stuff. I was going to hang up and she said Mrs. Pierson somebody dropped out of the inclusion program.....What's the inclusion program??? I think its a really great program, it incorporates healthy children like the beaver in with kids who are autistic, or have some type of special need and it teaches I think both children how to interact with other children. (I want my children to be able to interact with children who may have special needs and know that not all of us are the same and sometimes we need a little help). I had called a few weeks ago because I figure this might happen and I asked about it and they said sorry most of the kids are hand picked for this class and it is already full. I felt super defeated until I got the call today. HURRAY!! Brecken is really excited and now he has something to look forward to in the afternoon while addi naps! I have to go in for an Interview type of thing but she said its mainly to fill out paperwork to get him registered. HOLLA!

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Alan and Kiersten said...

HOORAY! that will be SO good for him...and you!! i'm so glad it worked out. YAY!