Monday, April 16, 2012

Birth Story of Kooper

WARNING!!!! This post will not be sugar coated. All details included, so if child birth grosses you out stop reading now!

My blood pressure was really high on thursday before I had Kooper and I had the NP check me. My blood pressure was a little high but still okay. I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced. I had been having contractions on and off for a few weeks. Nothing major just little ones here and there. The NP said she wouldn't be surprised if I would go in the next week and probably wouldn't last 2 weeks. That totally made my day!

Fast forward to Saturday I got up and had a whole list of things to get done and the whole house I wanted to get really clean. Garrett worked out in the garage for a bit while I cleaned the house. Mid morning I lost my mucous plug! I was so excited. The last two times I lost my mucous plug I had both kids that night! I was crossing my fingers that it would happen. We went for a walk and I was feeling so good contractions every five minutes pretty consistently. I got everything done on my list minus packing my bag for the hospital! whoops!

We went out for a bit to REI and I was pretty sure I needed to go to the hospital. I was just afraid they were going to send me home. So Garrett dropped me off, so the kids wouldn't be running around the hospital. Garrett took the kids home and got them all ready for bed. I had to progress a whole centimeter in an hour or they would send me home. I was pretty sure they would send me home. I was at a three when I got there. I was like there is no way. But sure enough I was at a four. They decided to keep me and called my doctor. Garrett had to go drop the kids off at our friends house. They were a HUGE lifesavers.

The doctor on call was NOT my doctor and he told the nurses to not do anything to progress my labor. I cursed him! Once I get an epidural my contractions slow way down and it takes me a long time to progress. So I held off until I was at a seven. Holy crap that is the worst pain I had ever experienced in my entire life. My nurse kept telling me to blow it out. I wanted to reach across and strangle the woman! Tell her to blow it out! I was not a huge fan of her.

By 2:30 I got my epidural and then it took me until 7am to go the last three centimeters. See what I mean. Takes me forever after I get my epidural. The doctor came in and broke my water and it exploded all over him. Kooper was at a -2. The Doctor wanted me to do a practice push to see if he would drop but said he would probably have to go and do rounds and then come back. So I did a practice push and the doctor was like, "OH WAIT WAIT stop pushing this baby is coming, let me glove up." So he threw on all his stuff and got ready and I pushed one more time and he was out. I didn't tear at all. The recovery was so much better.

Kooper Kash Pierson born at 7:10am 6lbs. 19 inches long. Our tiniest baby yet. The doctor guess right on. The doctor also said he would of never known I had gestational diabetes. The placenta was perfect and so was Kooper. I was so happy about that.

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Ripleys said...

nice story shina!!!! u need to have another one so u can have the experience that i had:)