Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Beaver!

 Yosemite national park!  Some of these trees were huge...none compared to Kings canyon though, but so beautiful!

 My biceps were killing me by the time we got there, kooper is not huge but uphill for almost a mile, yeah they were dead!
 Loving on his buds!  The kids loved loved loved having their besties here.  I'm so truly grateful for these Pierson boys.  They don't care how much these kids jump on them, want to play their "games" aka their phones, or just cuddle and just play with them.  They are such good sports.  Our kids are closer to these guys than any of their aunts and uncles.  Unfortunately we have never been close to family much since we've had kids besides these guys....So I really am grateful that they love on our kids so much.  They boys are more like brothers to me, than garrett's cousins...I think Garrett would say the same..  We joke around that joyce and Jason are their stand in grandparents....We love them and are so blessed to have them in our lives.

 I can't remember but I think they cut the middle of this tree out....or maybe it's been a month or so I honestly don't remember! haha
 Hot, tired, hungry and a little (or some of us alot) carsick!

 When Zach left of his mission Addi was 9 months old.....The way she clung to him, its like he never left....If you know Addi you know this is incredibly rare.....She doesn't go to ANYBODY!!!
 My first cake doing fondant and probably my last.  Huge pain in the bumkin and I didn't really like the way it turned out...maybe it would of been different if I bought the fondant instead of making it...regardless I have other, hopefully better plans for Addi's Birthday!


 he inside of the cake was pretty!
This year I thought was really special for Brecken's Birthday.  He was actually born on father's day and this year father's day was his birthday..  Brought back extra great memories of Garrett's first father's day.  I'm cheesy what can I say!  Love me boys and thank you Brecken for making me a mom!  Just a quick few things about Brecken!  He just finished preschool in may and I have to say that is the best thing we have EVER done for that kid!  He knows the whole alphabet, and most of the sounds.  If he says a word he can figure out what it starts with.  He can write his name, Addi's name and a few of his friends name from school..HAHA He knows how to count to 20...mostly he forgets 14 and 15. He knows all of his shapes and colors and likes to try and teach Addi.  He builds robots and transformers out of blocks like I have never seen before....He watches the cartoons of transformers and can name all of them...(garrett and I have no idea but pretend we do and go along with it)  He can swim all by himself and can swim the length of the pool by himself.  He does the radest jumps into the pool and refuses to swim unless he has his goggles!:)  He likes to ride his dirt if we only had some space for him to do it!  He is the greatest big brother to addi and kooper.  He is a huge help with kooper and can carry him to where I need him to, while the whole time I pray he doesn't trip!  He really is the sweetest little guy and has a tender little heart!  He is like his Dad in that way....then he has his mother's tude...what tude?  that's what I thought.  Any time Breck gets sassy, Garrett looks at me and says Thanks for that....haha.  Love my sweet boy!  I can't believe he starts all day Kindergarten this year.  I'm not old enough to have a 5 year old am I?  I still feel like I'm 20!  I am, aren't I?

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