Monday, August 20, 2012

On the Move!

 Such a little ham!
Seriously I just want to eat him up.  I think he looks so grown up here!
Everyone always comments about his eyes!  Literally everyone!
Look at them couldn't you just die!!!!!?  PS I love the smile behind the binky!

Koop is on the really cruisin.  He army crawls EVERYWHERE!!!  and is starting to crawl like real crawl..  He can pull himself up onto small things and then either falls or gets stuck....either way it ends in crying!:)  He is still so tiny!  He weighs 16 lbs....with all of his clothes on!  His shorts are still 3 months and some still newborn and fit good and some are still too big!  Which can I say is awesome because all the clothes that breck wore are winter clothes because we lived in the burg.  And as I type this kooper just pulled himself completely up!  Stop getting so big little guy!

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