Thursday, May 20, 2010

Addi's Surgery

Addi was a total trooper on Tuesday. She couldn't have anything to eat or drink 6-8 hours before her surgery so i woke her up at 11:30 for a bottle and she usually doesn't wake up until six but she woke up at five. I was like perfect start to an already long day, but i cuddled with her (which she typically doesn't like to do) and she fell back asleep after about twenty minutes. The top picture is before we left. Pretty much the cutest baby girl ever. Then the next few are of her getting ready. They put her all the way under but she didn't have to have an IV due to the fact that the procedure was only five minutes, so she was only under maybe 20 minutes. She did so great and the nurses and Dr were awesome. The last picture is Her chuggin her bottle afterward, she was hungry.


Katy said...

Oh i'm so happy Addi did so well... she's such a sweet and chill baby... i want one!!! she's adorable, great photos!

glad it's all over!!!

justin.kristin.jade said...

oh miss addi...i still haven't met this little rock-star! Awesome that she did so well...cudoos for her! she will be such a happier baby without that crap in her ear! both my girls had that goopy eye stuff, but it was over within six weeks or so. cute pics!