Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my favorite mother in law's birthday. We get to spend her very special day with her!! We're so lucky!! I just wanted to let her know how much we love and appreciate her. She does so much for our family and we are truly grateful. I remember the first time i met Mary. Garrett and I had just decided to get married(we hadn't told anyone yet) so I was going down(for "the test") to phoenix to meet the family!! When i first met her i instantly felt so welcomed into their home and felt that love that they have for Garrett. She has raised such a wonderful man and i am so grateful that i got to become part of their family!! She is one of the most fabulous and inspiring woman i have ever met. She is very Christ like and willing to help wherever she can. We look to her often for advice! Mary is a true friend i am so grateful for the relationship that we have. She is wonderful with all of the grand kids and Brecken talks about her for days after she leaves. She is someone that i truly look up to and the mother that i want to become. Plus she rides a motorcycle and looks good while doing it!!haha!! We love you Mama Mary and Grammy, Happy Birthday!!

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