Friday, August 13, 2010

Addi's Birthday part 2!!

Addi's birthday was alot of fun and what we all needed after all of our unpacking. We spent most of the morning unpacking still (sigh). Then in the afternoon we went and got her birthday presents(yes she was with us and yes we are that lame). We took the kids to chuck E. cheese. Garrett and I were like okay just let them play and wear themselves out. Let me tell you folks I think We had more fun than the kids did. Addi rode some rides but is still too little to do a lot of the stuff that's there. Brecken rocks at skee ball. He got several 100,000 and did much contributing to the tickets. Good job buddy. We went to In- N-Out for dinner. The kids both crashed on the way home so we did cake and presents the next day. As you can tell she totally hated the cupcake. Its the first she's ever had and ended up getting a bath. If you can't tell i had so much time on my hands and made this spectacular cake. haha (thank you sam's club.) It was a much needed fun day for us all. Thank you Addi for letting us have an excuse to party!! We love you baby girl and can't wait to see what you do in these next years. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

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